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We're "Too Inspired by What's Transpired"
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Too Inspired By What's Transpired Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $50,000.00
Total Raised: $58,272.09

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 300
Members Recruited: 323

Join the FIGHT

"On March 14" (title of Michelle's book) 2014, Michelle Boyd DeJong was diagnosed with an inoperable Anaplastic Astrocytoma, AA3. Because the tumor is located on her brain stem, its position was blocking the normal circulation of cerebral brain fluid, which resulted in pooling and increased pressure. An endoscopic ventriculostomy and biopsy was performed on March 17 followed by the insertion of a left ventriculoperitoneal shunt on March 27th.

Released from Moffitt Cancer Center the day after surgery, she made a quick recovery and promptly sneaked out to have her forearm tattooed with the FIGHTER logo with which you all have recently become very familiar. The prescribed 42 days of chemotherapy and 33 radiation treatments started on April 16th.

During the week between brain surgeries Michelle realized that there was only one way to face this challenge and it is the same way she has approached her life: with a positive and selfless attitude focused on using her experiences to help others. The FIGHTER mentality that she embodies is so much more than just a battle against her brain tumor. More importantly, it is a daily initiative to inspire through action & attitude. This begins with a personal conscious decision and ends with changing lives.

Please follow and "like" Michelle's author page as she provides daily insights and inspirations throughout this journey on her facebook page

TEAM T-Shirts are available for purchase at

Post Race Party at Gaspar's Grotto in Ybor City on the Sand Bar 11am - Until...

THEre is
GOOD in the world!

Thank you for joining the FIGHT and supporting Michelle through your support for Moffitt Cancer Center.

Team Members:
Total Raised$58,272.09  
General Team Donation$19,582.39  
Ryan DeJong$1,560.00  
   Jacquelyn Abanses$35.00  
   Jolene Abanses$50.00  
   Cristina Abreu$350.00  
   John-Paul Adcock$35.00  
   Nathan Aker$55.00  
   Sarah Aker$35.00  
   Yariette Amaro-Valero$35.00  
   Stephen Ames$45.00  
   Anthony Antonucci$35.00  
   Rolando Arroyo$2,185.00  
   Shayna Bachman$35.00  
   Kurt Badertscher$35.00  
   Laura Badertscher$35.00  
   Lauren Badertscher$15.00  
   susan baker$35.00  
   Alket Balliu$45.00  
   Sarah Balmer$35.00  
   Jared Barr$35.00  
   Jessica Barr$35.00  
   Roia Barrios$105.00  
   Erica Bathke$100.00  
   Samantha Batting$35.00  
   Samantha Bedford$35.00  
   Lisa Bell$35.00  
   Diane Bennett$35.00  
   Kenny Bennett Jr$35.00  
   Brian Bereszniewicz$35.00  
   Jessica Bereszniewicz$35.00  
   Kaitlin Bereszniewicz$35.00  
   Shelia Bereszniewicz$180.00  
   Joseph Bina$45.00  
   Margaret Bina$60.00  
   Chris Bobrovetski$35.00  
   Natalie Bobrovetski$35.00  
   Alyssa Bonet$35.00  
   Delia Bora$70.00  
   Christopher Boyd$35.00  
   Denise Boyd$35.00  
   Robert Boyd$35.00  
   Amanda Breen$60.00  
   Gregory Brehm$72.00  
   Mary Bright$35.00  
   Mallory Budin$1,500.00  
   Allison Burden$100.00  
   Andrew Burkhart$135.00  
   Tiffany cacciatore$135.00  
   Johanne Caglianone$65.00  
   Kara Cain$35.00  
   Connie Campbell$35.00  
   Glenn Campbell$35.00  
   Jill Carr$35.00  
   Alli Casciotti$65.00  
   Michele Cerullo$100.00  
   carla cervantes$35.00  
   christina chabrier$35.00  
   Jay Chancellor$45.00  
   Allison Chappelle$355.00  
   Justin Cherok$105.00  
   Carrie Childress$35.00  
   Ariana Cimino$35.00  
   Jaime Cimino$35.00  
   Natasha Cimino$35.00  
   Sebastian Cimino$35.00  
   Jaleen Clark$35.00  
   Chantel Corbett$135.00  
   Jeana Cordray$35.00  
   Mark Courchane$35.00  
   Nora Crouch$35.00  
   Will Crouch$35.00  
   Flash Cunningham$35.00  
   Behn Custard$35.00  
   Richard Cutter$35.00  
   Tess Cutter$35.00  
   Michael Cutts$35.00  
   Myles Dannhausen$35.00  
   Brenda DeBoer$35.00  
   Steven DeBoer$35.00  
   Ava DeFonzo$175.00  
   Michelle DeJong$2,860.70  
   Michelle DeMarasse$100.00  
   Ryker Demarest$35.00  
   Rylie Demarest$80.00  
   Ryson Demarest$15.00  
   Tom Rylie Ryker and Ryson Demarest$5,047.00  
   Andrea Dichiara$60.00  
   marcelo dillon$70.00  
   Patricia Douglas$185.00  
   Candi Dutschke$35.00  
   Savannah Egan$35.00  
   Anne Fitzgibbons$1,135.00  
   Laura Fontanills$105.00  
   Ryan Ford$385.00  
   Sundae Ford$35.00  
   Kathy Forde$35.00  
   Bronwyn Fowler$85.00  
   Robert Fox$35.00  
   Brad Freeman$35.00  
   Linda Gaboury$35.00  
   Erin Gallagher$979.00  
   wendy garraty$35.00  
   Florian Geier$35.00  
   Kelly Geurts$35.00  
   Lori Gillett$35.00  
   Kurt Gleeson$35.00  
   Camille Gomez$35.00  
   Rachel Gonzalez$35.00  
   James Goodman$45.00  
   Jillian Graham$50.00  
   Christine Greene$35.00  
   Santanna Groeller$35.00  
   Yolaine Groeller$35.00  
   Sean grogan$45.00  
   Bradley Guldalian$35.00  
   charles gumucio$35.00  
   Maggan Hamm$35.00  
   Eddie Hamp$45.00  
   Eric Harmon$35.00  
   Lindsey Harrison$35.00  
   Sam Hartung$45.00  
   Jessica Harvey$470.00  
   Thomas Hernandez$45.00  
   Vanessa Herrera$35.00  
   Pamela Hewett$70.00  
   bonnie higgins$35.00  
   Seth Hoffman$35.00  
   Deb Holland$35.00  
   Mingbih Hsu$85.00  
   Linda Huffman$35.00  
   David Hughes$350.00  
   Leigh Hughes$150.00  
   melissa hurt$35.00  
   Cady Huss$35.00  
   Norm Ikonen$370.00  
   Carlos Inostroza$35.00  
   Alessia Jackson$35.00  
   Brandi Jackson$535.00  
   Cooper-Mattison Jackson$230.00  
   Bernard Jee$35.00  
   Valerie Joseffy$75.00  
   Lindsey Juarez$420.00  
   Christina Jurasek$35.00  
   Deanna Katz$100.00  
   Emily Katz$35.00  
   Jessica Katz$35.00  
   mary ann keller$60.00  
   Jessica Kings$35.00  
   Ajoy Kumar$45.00  
   Jane Kumar$45.00  
   Amy Kurella$35.00  
   Hailey Kurella$35.00  
   Keff Kurella$35.00  
   Phanna Latas$0.00  
   Keara Leach$55.00  
   David Lehr$35.00  
   Amy Leiby$35.00  
   Tina Leslie$35.00  
   Chad Littin$60.00  
   Ben Littler$35.00  
   Lucy Littler$35.00  
   Josh loew$105.00  
   Brittani Long$100.00  
   Richard LoNigro$45.00  
   Richard Lopez$35.00  
   Alex Luis$35.00  
   Frank Luis$35.00  
   Rachel Luis$35.00  
   Scott Lynch$35.00  
   Cheryll Macpherson$55.00  
   frances madden$35.00  
   Cristiana Manea$35.00  
   Gabriel Manea$35.00  
   Debra Manley$170.00  
   Jennifer Martens$35.00  
   Jenny Marti$35.00  
   Cinthya Martinez$35.00  
   Mackenzie Matena$580.00  
   Christine May$395.00  
   Carl McCauley$45.00  
   Erin McCormick$35.00  
   Erica McElhinney$35.00  
   Carol McGuire$35.00  
   Michelle McGuire$85.00  
   Beth Meabe$35.00  
   Carolyn Meadows$35.00  
   Suzanne Meyer$45.00  
   Jaimie Mickey$35.00  
   Linda Mickey$35.00  
   Kathleen Mikell$140.00  
   Johnnie Miller$35.00  
   Laura Miller$35.00  
   Olivia Miller$35.00  
   Lyndsay Moline$105.00  
   michael moore$55.00  
   Melanie Moraites$35.00  
   Patrick Moraites$35.00  
   Tammy Morath$110.00  
   Scarlett Murray$35.00  
   Natasha Nascimento$35.00  
   Angelique Neumann$230.00  
   robin nguyen$135.00  
   Darin Noble$35.00  
   Doug Nofzinger$135.00  
   Anne Nolan$35.00  
   Dan Nolan$35.00  
   Michael Nolan$45.00  
   Jack O'Leary$70.00  
   Patty O'Leary$35.00  
   Regan O'Leary$35.00  
   Danielle O'Neil$35.00  
   Rachel Oddo$45.00  
   Tommy Oddo$45.00  
   Jennifer Olszanowski$160.00  
   Hunter Orr$35.00  
   Maribel Ortiz$35.00  
   Adriana Pabon$35.00  
   Adrienne Padgett$35.00  
   Matthew Parker$35.00  
   Melissa Parker$35.00  
   Sarah Patrick$35.00  
   Nathaniel Paul$35.00  
   Deb Paules$45.00  
   Jason Paules$45.00  
   Matt Paules$45.00  
   Christina Pereyra$35.00  
   diana perez$35.00  
   Charles Poliseno$35.00  
   Cassie Pozzuoli$130.00  
   Jason Protano$35.00  
   Erica Rabbia$35.00  
   Patty Radice$320.00  
   Betsy Rafter$335.00  
   Amy Ramirez$35.00  
   David Ramirez$35.00  
   Holly Ratliff$55.00  
   Rick Receveur$35.00  
   Kristine Reed$35.00  
   Tracy Reed$35.00  
   Jeffrey Rich$60.00  
   Kevan Riese$1,106.00  
   Megan Rindone$35.00  
   Ryan Rindone$35.00  
   Rusty Risher$35.00  
   Susan Risher$235.00  
   Carlos Rodriguez$235.00  
   Christopher Roemer$285.00  
   Danielle Roemer$35.00  
   Jessica Roemer$35.00  
   Lindsay Roland$45.00  
   Beth Roosen$110.00  
   John Roosen$160.00  
   Zachary Roosen$45.00  
   Jon Roseberry$45.00  
   Jeff Ross$0.00  
   Melissa Roy$125.00  
   Angela Saab$35.00  
   Anna Sayre$60.00  
   Sherry Scallon$70.00  
   Kristen Scates$135.00  
   Molly Scherer$35.00  
   Susan Scherer$35.00  
   Ginger Schmitz$70.00  
   Inga Schmitzer$35.00  
   Denise Schultz$35.00  
   Mabel Sciortino$45.00  
   Nicole Selly$35.00  
   Laura Skinner$35.00  
   Krista Sparkman$35.00  
   Tiffany Spies$80.00  
   Jeffrey St Cyr$35.00  
   Danielle Stanley$60.00  
   Ava Steely$45.00  
   Christina Stewart$85.00  
   Jessica Steyskal$100.00  
   Dawn Stumbo$50.00  
   Crystal Stutler$55.00  
   Marcia Sussman$35.00  
   Ann Swanick$60.00  
   Elaine Sweeney$45.00  
   Vanessa Tallman$35.00  
   Angela Tarbett$35.00  
   Ashley Tardiff$1,240.00  
   Lisa Taylor$170.00  
   Summer Taylor$35.00  
   Alan Teo$35.00  
   Kara Teresi$35.00  
   John Texeira$45.00  
   Cheryl Thole$355.00  
   Tricia Tindall$35.00  
   Alison Tomlin$35.00  
   Robert Toth$75.00  
   Bryant Townley$45.00  
   Constance Trojanowski$35.00  
   Michael Turner$45.00  
   Taryn Turner$45.00  
   Robert Valdez$35.00  
   Yarisi Valero$35.00  
   Jacob VanderWeit$35.00  
   Fotini Vasquez$35.00  
   Juan Vento$35.00  
   Michelle Vento$35.00  
   Debbie Voiles$35.00  
   Steve Vu$60.00  
   Casey Watson$35.00  
   Sara Watson$35.00  
   Jack Watters$35.00  
   Van Wegerif$35.00  
   Max Weinberg$50.00  
   Tad Wentzell$55.00  
   Sharon Whitehead$35.00  
   Abbby Williams$45.00  
   Luke Williams$45.00  
   Maria Williams$45.00  
   Sam Williams$45.00  
   Torami Williams$35.00  
   Lisa Winton$35.00  
   Teresa Wortman$35.00  
   Samantha Wyatt$35.00  
   Carolyn Xanten$35.00  
   Linda Malys Yore$35.00  
   Greg Yurcus$45.00  
   Dan Zenick$35.00  

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